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About Us

Ceylon Pure is unique in its own way because we are dedicated to helping small family farmers rebuild their livelihoods after a three decade internal war. Sri Lanka is rebuilding livelihoods  after a 25 year old war and we want be a strong force by recruiting more farmers from war areas to turn battle fields to rice fields.

Our mission is to economically empower Sri Lankan rice farming communities by enabling them to earn higher profits selling sustainably cultivated heirloom rice to global markets.


Our Exotic Coconuts

Our first products are delicious, nutritious and easy-to-cook heirloom rice, endemic to Sri Lanka. Two signature products are, the only organic-certified "Heirloom Red Rice" and the only whole-grain-certified "Heirloom White Rice."



Our Heirloom Rice

Ceylon Pure is a spin-off of Rural Returns Development Organization, a social venture founded in 2009 by two Stanford graduates, both originally from Sri Lanka. Winners of the inaugural Stanford Social Innovation Fellowship 2009-2010, Rural Returns Development Organization empowered Sri Lankan farming communities by enabling them to earn higher profits by selling unique food products to global markets. Our efforts help in rebuilding livelihoods in war torn Sri Lanka, after a three decade internal war.

Social Cause

"Recently, "Ceylon Pure" added a range of organic coconut products of superior quality to its offerings, to cater to the growing trend of coconuts as a healthier, gluten-free option. The tropical weather and the mineral rich soil around the island Sri Lanka, results in superior quality fruits, processed to perfection. Our fruits are matured in the tree for more than 12 months. Once plucked, coconuts are aged for another month until the husks turn dark, water inside the kernel is dried, and minerals are absorbed. Range of "Ceylon Pure" coconut products includes, Coconut Fakes & Chips, Virgin Coconut Oil, Creamed Coconut and Coconut Flour."



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