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Organic Coconut Chips - Regular

Ceylon or Sri Lanka as it is know now, is one of the world’s largest producers of coconuts. The tropical weather and the salty soil around the island, results in superior quality nuts.


"Ceylon Pure" organic coconut flakes are made from matured in the tree for more than 12 months. Once plucked, coconuts are aged for another month until the husks turn dark, the water inside the kernel is dried, and minerals are absorbed by the meat. 


We then de-husk the coconuts and crack the shells to remove the mineral rich, aged meat. "Ceylon Pure" coconut meat is then broken into pieces, grated into chips, and dried to remove moisture to retain the best flavor that Ceylon coconuts are known for. Your kids will love 100% pure, single-ingredient, vegan and gluten-free Ceylon Pure coconut chips as a healthy snack.  


Varied uses

Coconut Chips are fast becoming popular around North America for its versatile uses!  Our chips are non-toasted, unsalted, unsweetened but sized well so that they can be easily added to 

  • trail mixes

  • frozen and regular yogurt

  • curries to lend a coconut taste. 

  • ice cream as a topping

  • a bowl of fresh berries or mixed to a salad for an exotic flare

  • your morning bowl of cereal to enhance flavor

  • cakes, pies etc as an ingredient/topping in baking


More Recipes





Nutritional Information


Amount Per Serving of 1tbsp (15g)


Calories                               70

Calories from Fat 50


          % Daily Value*

Total Fat                               6g


Saturated Fat                      5g


Trans Fat                             0g


Cholesterol                      0mg


Total Carbohydrate           4g


Dietary Fiber                       2g


Sugars                                  0g


Protein                                 1g












Did you know?

We pay more-than-fair-trade price for our rices. This means that your purchase will help poor farmers to earn more than they normally would and help them rebuild their rural livelihoods & communities after three decades of internal war.

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